My name is Andrea, the head and soul of Reptile Hero. 

I owned cloud, a mack snow leopard gecko, for 7 years. Now, due to the general crazy worldwide situation, I take a break as a pet owner (job changes and other stuff) so I decided to focus my attention on giving back what I learned in owning a gecko and talking with so many people in all these years.

Indeed, I always find it hard to find good information on a topic. Often websites are written with not care for details (no science behind it) or, on the opposite, they are just focused on the basics. Yes, I do have a detailed driven mind given that in one of my past lives I earned a Ph.D. in engineering. This does not make me a vet of course, but it allows me to understand any concept from the inside out.

What is for you then?

For you is a website written by me (Andrea) and other pet owners and researcher that helps in finding the best up to date and reliable information on the topic. Am I a veterinarian? No, it would be false and misleading for you in my claiming that.

Do I care about my readers?

Yes, and the reason is very simple. I want to create a hub of information to be proud of over the years. Have readers writing me back to thank me for the good material they found there and also invovle with my audience. Only in this way I can be really proud of what I am creating.

Do you have any idea or you find something inaccurate?

I am here to create a place of trust. If this is not the case do not hesitate to contact me!

Lots of love